The world is undergoing rapid changes. These changes are remarkably influencing the ways we communicate. The marketing and communication industries, in particular, are experiencing some very complex dynamics. The concept of “creative economy” has gained popularity recently. We have been using digital content as a revenue growth tool for quite some time, but the last two years saw a growth this trend in the industry.

Tik-Tok and Instagram campaigns are geared towards engaging more with the audience. The more engaging the content, the more the audience follows, likes, engages, and potentially becomes a customer of the brand. Hiring content creators is becoming a necessity for any organization to meet the needs of their brand. They are running to gain influence and customers in this daily race amidst the struggle for online business platform development and budget sharing.

Creators are becoming and transforming into businesses, and businesses are also transforming into content creators They also engage the other content creators who have their own business platforms for their marketing purposes. Companies are investing considerable marketing amounts in influencers because these creators have a significant influence on their audience and as a result on their purchasing decisions. There is a growing number of individuals globally, who identify themselves as content creators, so much so that many teenagers dream of becoming YouTube stars more than any other profession.

This economy is thriving and the landscape is changing to the point where young content creators have the absolute potential to drive the discourse. Everyone, from a teenager who has access to social media to the owners and CEOs of major companies, is changing their mindset.

Agencies, the largest content production houses

The pandemic and what we are seeing in its wake, boosted business demand for specific content and also increased marketing agency engagement in producing this content. Many businesses’ survival is fundamentally related to the use of digital communication channels and thus, creating content for these channels.
The need to be visible and attract online has driven companies to contact specialized agencies for high-quality content creation and digital strategies to grow their business. This explains the phenomenon of the growing number of employees in these agencies during and at the end of the pandemic.

Content for social media, websites and other marketing needs are mostly developed by young creators who have a social media-focused mindset. They belong to the digital generation and are among its avid consumers. They quickly learned how to manage professional business sites on social media, create ads, posts, and blog posts, and execute SEO and performance analysis.

Every company, large or small, recognizes the need to become a content creator and provider on its social media platforms. Whether a bakery or a bank, they have realized that social media content is the real face of their brand and, without it they won’t be able to compete. Agencies receive a variety of requirements, such as blog and social media posting, creative thinking and design, copywriting, SEO and SEM. Unlike other industries that have reduced the number of employees and slowed the pace, this fact has caused the marketing agency market to increase the number of content creators and digital marketing professionals on board.

As the number of these agencies has increased, the challenge of signing new accounts and securing budgets has remained. Meanwhile, even if the content providers’ economy is growing, the skill and real competence gap in this area remains present.

* Vatra Agency is a leading digital, design and brand communication agency passionately connecting brands to 55 million Balkan consumers.

Gerton Bejo
Founder CEO of Vatra Agency
Tirana / Pristina / Skopje / Belgrade
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