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our working philosophy brings together many diverse perspectives, different skills, cultures, knowledge and outlooks. Differences that generate a wealth of creative ideas, large and small, that make solutions. we deliver creativity and solutions with a high focus towards results in order to achieve the best on awareness, affinity, engagement and sales.

vatra key people

A team of designers, developers, inventors, strategists, artists and storytellers.

Gerton Bejo

CEO / Founder

Jonida Gjondedaj

Project Manager

Brunilda Hoxha

Head of Creative

Gert Zenelaj

Head of Digital & Strategy

Olti Dulaku

Head of Video & Animation

Mimoza Dobruna


Vjollca Dako

PR Expert

Elton Papuçiu

TVC Director

Rudina Cavolli

Office Manager

Rozana Stafa

Account Manager

Ogerta Cuka

Account Manager

Enea Kika

Art Director

Marta Zadrima

Art Director

Enxhi Xhaja

Graphic Designer

Ambra Ymeraj

Graphic Designer

Majlinda Shefkiu

Graphic Designer

Euxhenjo Makaj

Media Designer

Vanjela Bellovoda

Social Media Specialist

Olta Leka

Digital & SEO

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