Stage to Start Strong – Bridge to Scaleup project, is a project funded by the German government through GIZ / ProSEED and implemented by INNVEST, started at the beginning of 2022 and managed to integrate 30 graduated job seekers. The workshop held on March 12, after a successful journey of the Stage to Start Strong – Bridge to Scaleup project, stressed the importance of strengthening a network of enterprises and the necessity of providing young talents with an environment that facilitates their growth.

The objective of this pilot stage was to allow students to apply their knowledge and skills in a real company to significant issues and problems within. With this opportunity, students clarify and refine their career goals and directions.

On the other hand, companies have a chance to train, improve and recognize the future workforce.

Vatra Agency, happy to be involved in the project

Vatra Agency, was one of the selected companies to be part of the project, training three talented young people who also were employed at Vatra.  Ervina, Xhoia, and Aleks had the opportunity to apply and strengthen their skills in web development, social media marketing, and copywriting in important projects and everyday tasks in the agency.

During the workshop, Gerton Bejo, CEO of Vatra, was invited to the stage to talk about this experience. He told his story and discussed this successful collaboration with INNVEST. Gerton stressed the importance of creating such networks and projects that help young people but also the companies that often face difficulty to recruit qualified staff.

Vatra Agency is happy to be part of a process that is changing the way the industry is evolving, to identify, train and hire young talents in the ICT sector, that will be the major workforce of Albania tomorrow.