the 5th western balkans digital summit
the 5th western balkans digital summit

The 5th Western Balkans Digital Summit will be held in Prishtina on September 21st and 22nd, 2022. The Summit will take place at Emerald Convention Center.

This big event will discuss the great importance of digital marketing for the commercial growth of companies and individuals in recent years. The main topic will be the significant progress of digital marketing in Western Balkans countries, as a reality and norm for more opportunities and success.

The event is being organized by the Ministry of Economy of Kosovo in collaboration with all other public and private institutions that are actively involved in transforming the country into a sustainable digital environment.

The fifth edition of the Digital Summit will feature high-level participants from the European Commission, EU member states, RCC, representatives from Western Balkan countries, International Financial Institutions, renowned ICT experts, and private sector representatives.

Vatra Agency will be representing the creative industry in this Summit, on the second day of the program, September 22.

Gerton Bejo, CEO of Vatra will be a panelist in the discussion on the topic “Digital marketing, the fueler of creator economy”, which will take place at Strauss 2 Room, from 15:00 – 16:15.

Vatra Agency
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