Klan Macedonia entrusted Vatra to bring their new brand identity to life

Klan Media Group is getting bigger in the region. Their management entrusted Vatra to bring their new brand to life, Klan Macedonia Television. We completely redesigned the visual identity of the station starting with the logo, which adapted attributes from the Macedonian flag.

Klan Macedonia became part of TV Klan Media Group, after the agreement to purchase the assets of a previous Albanian broadcaster in the Republic of North Macedonia. Understanding their mission, in order to help them expand their audience and brand presence in the Balkans, was an important element in the success of this assignment.

With this insight and cultural expertise in this region, our designers were inspired to illustrate a logo that symbolizes the union of ethnicities living in Macedonia. Partnering with Klan Macedonia, we leveraged the visual cues of the Macedonian flag to create the logo. The concept of our approach borrowed from the idea of origami, or folding of paper. Thinking of the flag as a single sheet of paper and fold at two points we produced a symbol of two things coming together as one. This new logo was the foundation of a comprehensive visual identity package prepared entirely by Vatra.

“Working with Vatra was the best choice for the branding project. They are very inspiring, and we are impressed with their knowledge and the solutions they gave us in a very short time. Excellent creative design and great communication.” Eglantina Lamaj, Administrator at Klan Macedonia DOOEL