Kantina Skëndërbeu. A new brand identity inspired by a hero

Making 75+ years old feel new again. We traveled back in time with Georgius Castriotus Skanderbeg Winery and Vineyards to discover the insights needed to relaunch this respected brand into the future. We studied the cultural history, the languages and symbols to aesthetically represent a brand that reflects the consumers tastes, scents, feelings and ideals.

Our most recent work completed in 2018 was the rebranding of “Georgius Castriotus Skanderbeg Winery and Vineyards”. Vatra’s Head of Creative, Brunilda Hoxha shares the research that led to the production of the new logo and other branding elements. “We were inspired by old versions of the emblems. The rich and noble Albanian families, Kastriot’s and Topia’s. We used details of these symbols to express the history and the name of the winery.” A fascinating part of the job was naming the wines. Every product has a name that symbolize its uniqueness. The wines were named in different languages like Latin (Quirina, Bellator Equus), French (Maudlin, Amoret, Soif de vivre), Italian (Torre) and Spanish (El Genero).”
“We would like to heartily say thank you to Vatra for a logo we are very proud. The rebranding project led to a very positive result. They were committed to understanding our brand and our needs, always responded effectively and with professionalism.” – Georgius Castriotus Skanderbeg Winery and Vineyards