Champlàte, a new jewelry brand identity by Vatra, appeals to younger audiences

Appealing to a younger demographic was the challenge Altinbaş Jewelry brought to Vatra. In order to be a relevant brand in today’s market, we recommended introducing a completely new brand that slightly departs from the classic and ceremonial style of Altinbaş and moves towards a simpler and more minimalistic style.

As with any good design, Vatra began this assignment by doing research in the jewelry and goldsmiths’ market. It was important to learn how other companies are positioning their brand in Albania and in the international countries where the company has planned to trade its products. One of the goals was to ensure this new brand identity was truly unique and stood out among its competitors. Additionally, detailed research was conducted to avoid potential problems in registering the brand. “This important step preserves the integrity of the brand, increases the longevity and saves our clients time and money in the long run.” said Vatra’s Head of Accounts Jonida Gjondedaj. The final recommendation was a renaming to Champlàte, which is a combination of words that tightly connect the jewelry production and designing techniques with their material. The visual identity of Champlàte reflected the new artistic era in Europe adopted by goldsmiths. A strong and unique symbol adorns the name “Champlàte”, which has an accentuated and original font. The final delivery included a set of new visual graphic elements to promote and communicate the values of the company and its products.

“The creative team at Vatra Design Consultancy absolutely helped to create our New Brand and approach it to nowadays market needs. Their ability to navigate today’s complex brand identity creation has been invaluable to our growth. We’re very happy to have entrusted the creation of our brand to real professionals, like Vatra Design Consultancy.” – Mr. Abdulla Frakulli, Administrator at Champlàte