Fast. Safe. Everywhere. This is Albanian Post Office (Posta Shqiptare)


Posta Shqiptare (Albanian Postal System) is a customer oriented, public service company with an elaborate network that covers all the territory of the country, reaching the remotest rural areas. APS offers a wide range of financial services with competitive prices for individuals, businesses and institutions. It was founded on 28 November 1912 simultaneously with the founding of the modern Albanian State as the Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone. This postal service existing for over 100 years is now flourishing with activities which offer many financial services and make the APS a well established network of services in the market covering most of administrative activities between the consumer and public administration.

The advertisement campaign in the electronic and written media, which was launched by the APS in November 2014, selected Vatra as the main partner for the promotion of products and entire image of APS. It was necessary to convey to the public the fact that APS offices offer a wide range of services of which the public was not aware. APS offers over 90 cost free services for the public. The aim was to make it easy for the consumer to identify APS offices as a “One Stop Shop” where the citizens could get all the services that they needed. The request was to develop e detailed strategy of messages for the public and transmitting channels so that the messages could get through to the public. Changing the visual spirit of the company was a must in order to refresh and renovate the image of APS. The strategy proposed for the APS campaign included all fields of communication, in order to present a positive change for the image and most importantly for the Brand and the services it offers. Initially Vatra created a new visual spirit through a creative and innovative design. Personalized symbols were developed and applied for each service, together with a new graphic design language. The new design language was in full harmony and synced with all the elements of the Brand Identity. Later this was applied also in the TV commercials as well as in the Indoor – Outdoor Advertising. A wide informative and promotional campaign for the Brand was presented in the social networks through the activation of official pages and profiles in order to be present in the public and in uninterrupted contact with the customers. To aid all these changes a big media campaign was set in motion together with PR services, which were synced with the strategy throughout the entire campaign.

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