Eat right and healthy with Silhouette renewed identity


Silhouette is a dietology center based in Tirana engaged constantly on healthy nutrition education. This center is created and managed by professionals of the sector. Besides consultancy on personalized nutritional programs, its system includes a kitchen in which different menus are prepared according to the needs of each client. Silhouette Dietology Center has required from Vatra the renovation of all brand identity. These brand refreshing changes should be extended to all articles of this brand identity. The new image would launch the center into the saturated restaurants’ market in Albania. Although, Silhouette’s philosophy is different from the philosophy of all other restaurants, the final product is the same. Therefore, a badge symbol that distinguishes these two types of restaurants from one another needs to be created. This symbol must be be glamorous and modern while reflecting nature, purity and health. After a research period, Vatra designers began to sketch the first lines that would shape the new identity of Silhouette. The work resulted to be more difficult than it was thought of in the beginning, because of the the fact that the new logo should preserve the same elements of the old logo. In order to achieve the difficult task, it was decided to divide the elements visually and modernize them through a simplifying process. The apple, as the main element, was given a shape that strongly correlates with the philosophy and image of the center as well as the services and products it offers. The new brand has entirely changed the image of the company by bringing forth its authenticity through a perfect design with a strong foundation. The extension of the new identity in all facilities that the identity requires, and the creation of an interactive personal website build a new bridge of visual communication between Silhouette and its audience for the following years.

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