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vatra allweb

Gerton Bejo, Vatra’s founder, and CEO, will join a panel of experts on November 2 to talk about the adaptation of his regional company to Artificial Intelligence, and about Pathcode, its most recent innovation in digital marketing.

Digital enthusiasts – who turn out to be many in number – will be joined by AllWeb in the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Albania, Tirana.

Mr. Bejo promises a fruitful, constructive, and true discussion with concrete examples. He will talk about the resilience and bottlenecks that marketing industry workers feel in the face of Artificial Intelligence.

The customer was the only challenger until yesterday. Our current view, well, is different. The underlying issue appears to be staff members’ professional development as well as maintaining a customer base that is consistently satisfied: adjusting to Artificial Intelligence. Learning its language and adapting to the ways that AI is changing the creative sector.

Mr. Bejo will focus on how important it is to become fluent in this language and speak it like a native tongue. A language that is a “must” for people working in any field, not just the creative one, in order to survive and advance their careers.

There will be a conference on Thursday that is anticipated to surpass all expectations. Therefore, don’t miss this day if you’re interested in a successful company, innovation, or marketing.

Vatra is a leading agency in design, branding, and digital performance marketing that passionately connects brands with 55 million consumers in the Balkans for more than 20 years.