It was a remarkable day that began with bad weather, but it wasn’t a wasteland for tech enthusiasts. Professionals from the Balkans and beyond were brought together by AllWeb for the seventh year running. Entrepreneurs from a variety of industries ascended the stage at this conference, each with something to present and discuss. Unlike any other time, attention was directed to the driving force of Artificial Intelligence and its wide reach. Examples of the newest AI trends that were brought into every aspect of life were entertaining, thrilling, tangible, and, most importantly, highly educational.

Gerton Bejo, the CEO and founder of Vatra, talked extensively about the power of thought as the source of almost everything. He believes that the best way to conceptualize Artificial Intelligence would be like another sharpened pencil, canvas brush, or mouse. After all, it appears that approaching the problem is the first and hardest hurdle to overcome.

“To have a future, marketing agencies, and any other business must embrace, learn, and adopt AI…How data is translated into visual and communicative messages”, – added Bejo.

He also mentioned thinking too short-term and not taking the long-term into account. The creativity, expertise, and skills that human capital can provide make it one of the most precious resources in the creative industry and beyond. Artificial Intelligence may make work easier and faster, but it cannot replace human capital in this regard. Mr. Bejo claimed that the product’s price reduction actually has the opposite effect. Thus, the entrepreneur not only gives up the evaluation of the work team but lowers the profit of his company, and consequently a chain effect is created that promises nothing but a gloomy climate.

“Executives need to use the offered “seigniorage” that Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides to different industries carefully. Instead of seeing it as a great option to save, they ought to consider it as a chance to transform their rope into a heavy chain connected to an anchor”, – said the CEO and founder of Vatra.

According to Mr. Bejo, the agencies of the future are already experiencing the KPI challenge.

“Expectations are growing every day and this is not just a confrontation with oneself. It is about your competitors, but also the client himself. Thus, the need for new skills, knowledge, and achievements is felt. Nowadays, the agency of the future has to become a multitasking/ full production service house, able to understand data and deliver on KPI’s.”

He asserts that this landscape is unquestioningly driving progressive agencies toward Artificial Intelligence.

“Agencies that are adapting to the changes of time while continuing to offer quality and effective marketing services to clients have undoubtedly guaranteed success.”