TV Klan HD – making the change in a redesigned brand identity created by Vatra


In the competitive landscape, where technological changes are undergoing in every field, TV Klan chose to redesign the brand making its image more appealing to the audience. TV Klan approached Vatra with the challenge of revitalizing the brand by bringing it to a functional shape, aesthetically correct and organized brand identity. Except of the brand redesign there was a great volume of work to be done with seasonal TV jingles, separate TV shows branding and jingles for each of them, such as the political show “Opinion”, entertainment production “Takimi i Pasdites”, “100 Vjet Muzike” and other long-standing shows.

Based on the understanding that generated from working closely with TV Klan’s marketing team, we created a refreshed visual identity image and we solved the logo and symbol standing character into its new HD broadcasting. The revitalized logo was a result of organized work defined by simplicity and clearance. Keeping the same general shape of the brand and symbol but refining them in details makes possible their continuous recognition by the audience while projecting a new good impression aesthetically for the viewers. The channel jingles and the logo animation was developed in progress considering TV Klan’s mission to build a platform of entertainment and information based on newest broadcasting technologies. The logo animates under the glass effect in red color tones, creating an impressive appearance on HD screen. Simple fragments, funny actions or clever frames from nature and real life are chosen and used combined with logo animation for the four season jingles.

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