work required

Advertising Campaign, Print Ads, TVC, Social Media and Digital Marketing

industry type

Banking & Finance

Connect with Credins Online

Credins online is the e-banking platform of Credins Bank in Albania. When the bank’s management were convinced of the potential of this alternative service channel, it became necessary to increase the number of users of the app and platform on the website.
Vatra was in charge of creating a campaign which promoted excellent services and the convenience of having your bank one click away. With this in mind, and after a detailed selection, the creators at Vatra created a direct call through the “Connect” slogan, a call which represented the simplicity and velocity of every banking need for the client. All you need to benefit from the “Credins Online” digital banking experience is to get connected to “Credins Online”. The campaign was completed with an integrated marketing strategy that aimed at reaching the entire targeted audience. Digital communication channels were attached to traditional ones through the creation of a series of TVCs and posters, thus enhancing the client’s knowledge on the product.

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