Marketers on Instagram are becoming nervous. Through a video, posted on his profile, Adam Mosseri stated that the platform is “no longer a photo-sharing app”. Ever since the head of Instagram made this statement, marketers on the platform are feeling more and more perplexed. Immediately after, one of the first and most frequently asked questions in the community was: What should a brand share nowadays in their feed, more videos and fewer photos?

This change of course was more than predictable, because the main reason the social media platforms are being used is primarily for entertainment. Instagram is embracing more and more short-form videos, especially now that is facing competition from TikTok and YouTube. These platforms’ success is mainly based on short video content. As you might already notice, with the purpose to go where the audience needs them the most, they are pushing their videos on the explore page and in the feed.

In this new context, if a brand wants to stay on top of the Instagram feed, the platforms recommend starting to create entertaining short-form videos as soon as possible.

From our perspective, from a marketer’s point of view, Instagram just challenged us to better understand the audience we are sharing content with. Our job is not to just share content for the sake of being “out there”. Content should be crafted from an intentional process and derived from a strategy that has the ultimate goal of building an online community to whom the brand is the leader. The thought process has to include the community in all of the strategy points because it is precisely from this community that ideal customers will emerge and depending on the content, they can either be your most loyal ambassadors or your worst nightmare.

While observing different marketers building content strategies for their brands, we notice that most of them are quite obsessed with reaching the so-much-wanted “10K followers”. They curate a pretty feed, but with poor concepts, by posting almost every day and by actually saying nothing.

To build a consolidated social media strategy as a marketer you should be focused in:

– Targeting followers that represent the ideal audience

– Sharing clear headlines that speak to this ideal audience, by making sure to send the right message to the right people

– Putting your CTAs in stories

– Delivering high-quality posts that are in line with your content strategy

Content creation is where an Instagram marketer should focus their main energies. They should shape their content into short-form videos, mainly in Reels format, which can be done in entertaining ways, by staying relevant and useful at the same time. The potential of this kind of videos is to become viral, which might ultimately give exposure to the brand and makes it more relatable and easier to engage with. So, what we suggest is to transform your anxiety into relevant and entertaining content which can fit and ride the new positioning of Instagram.

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