Lori Caffe is filling our cups with inspiring flavors and aromas for more than a quarter-century. An Albanian historic brand that has always kept up with the times and pushed forward the quality standards.

VATRA Agency is part of this legacy for almost 19 years.

It’s been a long and prolific relation. In 2002 we were challenged to shape a modern brand identity for an exceptional coffee maker. In 2006 we gave life to an iconic brand architecture, by simplifying the graphic elements and at the same time by highlighting unique features. Nine years later, we moved on from the iconic “Brazilian’s girl silhouette” toward a forever green approach. The new brand identity was centered around the beautiful origin of the product, the coffee flower. Also, since 2015 the brand has had its personalized font, its own voice.

How can you keep a successful relationship with a major client like Lori Caffe for such a long time?

For not losing the consumers’ visual connection we had to be cautious, patient and professionally leading them towards a final visual approach.

We grew together, by sharing the same passion.

Maybe great design doesn’t make a cup of coffee more tasteful, but it can make it remarkable.