Bluepoint Petroleum, competing in the market with a brand designed by Vatra


BluePoint Petroleum plc. is a new company in the Petrochemical Industry for the Albanian market. They entered in the market buying the business from the well-known Greek company named Hellenic Petroleum (EKO) in Albania.

Vatra was called to design and build a professional brand image to include Naming, Brand Identity, Corporate Products and Website. Demanding of the company was to create a brand that express visually the company’s services and with the specific request to include the word “blue” in the brand name. Considering the client’s demand and the company needs, Vatra began the project working on naming that included the required word.
Working and focusing on the subject Vatra was inspired by the automobile piston and used it to shape the symbol of the company, repeating harmonically the three-circled shapes in different sizes and colors.
Dedicated corporate products, indoor and outdoor advertising and website design were created for the company also.

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