European University of Tirana, committed to high standards. A strong brand developed by Vatra


Vatra’s cooperation with UET is not limited just on the challenge to design their successful advertising campaigns. This cooperation extends much further and envisions the unification… of the brand with its guidelines to establish a language by which UET communicates and expresses itself as an organization. Our enterprise was to create the brand guidelines starting with the correction of the symbols existing shape defects. Brand-mark definitions and color specifications according to each Department were applied to the Faculties stationary rules also.

After working with the main brand guidelines we designed and defined their literature part guidelines creating an important component to maintaining consistency as they communicate with all of their audience. The brand book represents a focused institution, committed to high standards, a unified, strong brand with a clear vision for the future. Each of their promotional product or book cover had to be identifiable from its own colour according to its Activity System.

All the publications will have a graphically unified header. Photo implementation guidelines were also clarified so photo-shoots can have the right focus and to show clearly key elements of the photo.

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