Vatra (The Fireplace) is a popular word, synonymous with family warmth, gatherings around the fire, bonding with the people you love the most: it has been the hearth and home of the Albanian family throughout history. Vatra Design Consultancy has adopted this metaphor and turned it into a modern concept of care for businesses, brands, institutions and entities in a wild world of interconnecting relationships.
We attribute the success of our company over the years to at least two key elements:
First, our work is guided by the thought of the most advanced school in creativity, communication and public relations -¬¬ the British school – which is considered to be the leader in aesthetic concepts as well as in principles of advertising, public relations and consumer behavior in today’s world;
Second, our work takes into consideration the fact that, in present times, no one can accurately perceive their own image. Someone else is needed to perceive/interpret, analyze, and construct that image, even though the final decisions belong to the client.
As such, Vatra’s success reflects both the maturity of economic and institutional actors, and the need for the use of creativity, public relations and marketing of every kind to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of the Albanian consumer, whether political, economic, or for the provision of goods and services, at a time when the product is designed, developed and presented in an entirely new way.
Today, management decisions and communication decisions are considered to be two sides of the same coin. This means, as the slogan says, that “what is managed is communicated and what is communicated is managed”. The merging and full accordance of managerial decisions with communication decisions promises a bright future for public relations agencies, but at the same time it stirs up strong competition.
Our twelve years of uninterrupted success shows that Vatra has managed to establish a winning partnership and is well prepared to engage in new challenges and respond accordingly to the twofold evolution of the Albanian society; on one hand, there are a range of consumers with ever-increasing demands and more discerning attitudes, and on the other, key economic and institutional actors that are becoming more and more ambitious and active in a market in which it is becoming daily more challenging to get not only the attention, but what is more important, the reaction of the customer.
Together, we will continue to build true values for your businesses and brands.
Thank you, Friends and Partners of Vatra! I wish you success in all your endeavors!

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Don't Miss Out on Our Business Resources
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