After ten years of experience as a recruiting and counseling institution for students who aim to study abroad, EB Group decided to completely change its brand identity. To do so, they chose to partner up with VATRA Agency, as an experienced agency to trust this complicated and yet delicate task.

The outcome of a deep creative touch and a new positioning process was a more attractive and modern brand, named Wiseword Group. Apart from scoring great in brand image, the operation resulted in a huge success also in terms of numbers.

According to Wiseword Group CEO, Mr. Besart Xhaferri:

“… the sales tripled since March 2020, and Wiseword is a well-respected brand in the market.

Our education institution partners are amazed at the impact that the brand has had in recruiting new students. Companies like Kings Education, and Cats Global Schools have tripled and quadrupled the number of students from our agency.”

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