There were some strong dilemmas at the onset of this project, whether to start the “fire” in Tirana or London! At the end of the first year, these dilemmas seemed pathetic considering the success we had in the market. Today, they look like a ridiculous concern that did not deserve a second thought.
This was the place! End of story!
Strong testimonies of this fact are 14-years of solid achievement, sustained progress and attested success. “Vatra” or “the Hearth” has now over 250 local and regional clients from various profiles and different levels of entrepreneurship who have entered and re-entered our doors, who have come in to never leave, because here they find fulfillment and; bold ideas which are transformed into strong and distinct outstanding images, creativity which is powered by the energy of a young at heart team of experts, the professionalism that guaranties uncompromising quality and adamant loyalty, new ideas and pioneering perceptions which keep us at the helm of progress in an ever-changing market, never enslaved by outdated and narrow-minded mentality.
Our philosophy of work integrates innovative technology and concepts which are based on the thoughts of the most advanced school of creativity, communication and public relations in the world today. This is the British school, considered to be the absolute leader in concepts of aesthetics, principles of advertising, public relations and consumer behavior in today’s world.
It was a spark from London that started the fire at the “Hearth” of Tirana, in a time when our clients found it hard to believe that someone else, other than themselves, could understand, conceptualize, analyze and develop the image of their entrepreneurship regardless of its type and size.
Therefore, once again as always, it all starts with a word and the ability to articulate and elaborate. This great ability to process and transmit information brought the first clients in the modest office on Jul Variboba Street. Not much later, clients were knocking on the door of a real and proper design studio with the multidisciplinary capability and consolidated staff. By this time, the Vatra team reflected such professional maturity and subject matter expertise that was able to tackle, accomplish and fully deliver any required project, either political, economical or social.
Any given project they worked on was simply the product that needs to be developed, formatted and sold as absolutely the best in the market.
The specter of our work is vast, even limitless. Our rivals can be our clients; everyone has a place and attention at the hearth of Tirana, “Vatra”. We have new ideas, energy, and vigor for everyone.
There is at “Vatra” the hearth of Tirana, a vital spirit that keeps the fire burning. The fire that started between dilemmas whether in Tirana or London is still alive and going strong.
After 14 years there are no more dilemmas, they are wiped once and for all. The hearth “Vatra” has always and always will belong in Tirana, period.

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Don't Miss Out on Our Business Resources
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