Ventus Harbor, the new touristic spot in the city of Durres


Ventus is an artificial land construction over water. The investment in the city of Durres, Albania constructed and developed on the waterfront claims its identity as a public place. Enriches the seaside with recreational and commercial activities, such as cafes and restaurants, welcomes anchoring of boats and receives visitors from sea and land. Ventus has become a new monument of the city turned into a pilgrimage site as the Amphitheater, where its position in front of the city, is the only angle where you can contemplate the sight throughout the city.

Vatra was appointed to develop Naming, Brand Identity and Advertising Campaign for this facility. The name should be easy to read and memorise in its first view and in combination with the logo to be conceptualised as a symbol of the city making this contemporary facility a monument that visitors or residents of the city remember and return to. As a seaside city with thousands years of history, Durres has many inspirational elements to consider for the naming and the brand symbol. Relating the location with the facility and client’s demand, Vatra suggested the name “Ventus”. The word in Latin means “Wind”. Natural air movement is perceptible by all those who are on a coast. The force of the wind makes a sailing ship to move, to change the direction and speed. This natural phenomenon was the inspiration to reflect the symbolic and the naming of the brand effectively accomplishing the project’s needs accompanied by their very first advertising campaign.

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