Vatra unveils new identity and concept

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new identity.

After 15 years, we are saying goodbye to our familiar square logo and have released an updated identity as part of the ongoing evolution of the Vatra brand. We believe our new logo suits better the progress we have made all these years in our agency since 2003.

Our new brand represents a unified, flexible, out-of-box and simple concept.

As we continue to grow and update our services, we wanted our brand to better reflect who we are, why we exist and where we’re headed. After thorough testing, trials and careful consideration we have reached a fresh, modern look that resonates with our identity.

The biggest change sees our agency rebranding from Vatra Design Consultancy to the more straightforward Vatra, as everyone knows us.

The complexity of a rebranding often involve a bit of a balancing act. With careful attention to detail and the possibility to start from scratch, we set out to re-conceive everything that represents Vatra. From understanding who our best customers are, to re-establishing the core beliefs of the company, we wanted to utilize this opportunity to deliver the optimal experience for our valued customers.

Creating a new identity presented numerous challenges. We wanted to briefly transmit the foundational elements of our company, while maintaining familiarity, simplicity and clarity. We needed to make it known that we are a creative marketing agency that is friendly, flexible, and places our customers first.