Vatra Design Consultancy, “the hearth” of inspiration in Tirana



Vatra Design Consultancy, a registered trademark of V Advertising, one of the first agencies in Albania, is now an important regional factor in the field of design, marketing, and communication. Besides its successful cooperation in the Balkans and Eastern Europe, Vatra Albania has established a representative office in London and has been constantly expanding its activity by offering professional business branding expertise to clients, companies and foreign partners.

Gerton Bejo, founder, and CEO of the agency tells us that Vatra Tirana is a creativity hub established to respond to clients’ demands, thinking about their image and communication standards well ahead of the clients themselves.

Under the management of Gerton, who is a design, communication and marketing expert with 20 years of experience, Vatra has operated in the Albanian market for 15 years as one of the very first marketing and communication agencies in Tirana. Ever since, Vatra has held a leading position in marketing strategies, design and public relations in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Vatra has been able to unify in one single concept the culture, the dedication and the skills of all its professional staff and collaborators who are the backbone of the agency during these 15 years. Therefore, Vatra Design Consultancy has delivered top quality service in favor of all the brands and companies it has cooperated with and created during all these years.

We met with Gerton of Vatra, right after a presentation with the marketing staff of an international company which is planning to extend its business into the Albanian market. Feeling very positive after the meeting we were able to get an interview with him. We asked him about the creativity market in Albania recently, about Vatra Advertising and in general about the public and private communication market.

Do you prefer Gerton, or should I call you Gert of Vatra? You run one of the most successful creativity companies in the market. What differentiates Vatra from the other companies so that you have distinguished achievements?… Learn More