Traditional and modernity was melted to create a new formal identity for the National Chamber of Advocacy of Albania


The National Chamber of Advocacy in Albania is a legal person that is established, organized, and functions in accordance with the Constitution of Albania, the Law on the Profession of the Lawyer in the Republic of Albania, and provisions in relevant statutes. The National Chamber of Advocacy in Albania is a union of active and non active members of advocacy chambers in Albania. This institution’s scope of work is to strengthen, increase, stimulate, and protect the activity and work of lawyers in the country. Moreover, this institution promotes this professional group in international meetings, seeking cooperation with various parties by establishing necessary contacts that are valuable for such cooperation.

The Chamber also finances scholarships for the best law students or promotes students for grands eligibility. The Albanian Parliament has exclusively assigned the licensing of new lawyers to this institution. The National Chamber of Advocacy in Albania trusted Vatra with the next challenge to create a new brand identity for the Chamber. The old logo was not transmitting the values and image that the Advocacy Chamber has build in the past years.

The new identity should accomplish this function. Moreover, the new identity has to be composed by a number of elements, which express the values and work of the lawyer, while combining in the new image the history of the institution, and the modernism of the time and environment where it operates. Vatra started the work by collecting the basic elements for the creation of the new identity.

After the research phase, the team of designers, after identifying key representative elements, started to create the first shapes on which the new image would be build. The new logo, created by Vatra, clearly represents and expresses all those values that the Advocacy Chamber Board of Directors had requested in the initial brief with the Vatra team. Institutionally solemn, the logo was in the same time, modern, fully expressing the values that the institution represents. All the elements used in the logo serve that purpose. We build brand which represents the values carried by the National Chamber of Advocacy of Albania and a strong visual identity that intertwines those elements which represent, in the best way, the philosophy of the institution.

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