AI Creator Vatra
AI Creator Vatra

Gerton Bejo, Founder and CEO of VATRA Agency‎

Hi AI!

Is there a way to refuse technology? If so, is it welcomed? There is only one answer to these two questions: No! Technology is everywhere and in anything. What you should do is take control of it – invest any sense and thought – and accept that there exists no reality without its presence.

Nowadays, technology is related inevitably with the most recent innovation. Nonetheless, you can understand its role throughout the existence of humanity only by employing a wider perspective. Technology is not just a smartphone, a computer, or an electric vehicle.  It is in itself an “artefact” created by mankind.

There is a widespread worry that the technology advancement will encourage unemployment in a large scale and other issues. In fact, yes. Artificial Intelligence is shaping the future of humanity in almost every industry, including creative industry.

There is no mystery that human behavior is driven by emotions. These emotions, together with absorbed knowledge and questions that need answering, are fed to the AI by human. The resulting Artificial Intelligence product, without further research, undoubtedly helps to optimize communication between both parties.

Not just a dream assistant, but a creator

Al is enhancing the thinking performance over time. Artificial Intelligence is challenging if we take into account the evolution of people, communities, and cultures. What makes it challenging but not impossible is the fact that there will always be requested an answer for emotions hiding behind individual needs.

The mechanism of rapid reaction is one of the most significant AI’s benefit for the creators, which brings an excellent relationship with the clients. AI is already playing a daily role for many of them, as if an almost invisible assistant or co-pilot, saving a lot of time; transforming all collected data in global empathic experiences, focused on the client.

The challenge ahead is to achieve results in line with the local reality and not with the global one. To this day, AI provides information to its users, which is closely related to empirical data and knowledge, while researching essential trends. This data and knowledge assume the form of digital and visual information, texts, etc. AI should absorb local reality, mindset and language, including everything characterizing it, to provide even more useful and uncontestable models.

The creators are being equipped with this new “pencil”: while brands target the consumer’s individual needs, AI enables their connection to another dimension, providing them with what they look for and desire. This can be possible only through human interaction, contextual awareness and presence of creativity. It goes without saying that artificial Intelligence will always aim the human mind and heart to function in its complete and successful-in-time potential.

AI + Human Brain = Checked

Artificial Intelligence stimulates human creativity by identifying models, filtering and aggregating large quantity of information, as well as by guiding and predicting work outcomes.

I will dwell on details to better explain how the AI supports the creative mind without necessarily presenting a risk to it. This being said because AI experts are concerned right now about the AI potential and the way it will be used.

1. Artificial Intelligence can identify models in large data sets, as well as it can present more absorbable contents as compared to data or numbers; thus, it inspires the creators to develop ideas and express them simply in visual language.
2. AI can automatically summarize and analyze great quantity of visual information, and not just that, by different sources; it can create knowledge charts and help creators identify relations between apparently unrelated data.
3. Artificial Intelligence can be led by human creator, toward the final objective (creative work), predicting the existing outcomes and data, while it can also be guiding toward those that are not considered promising.
4. At the conclusion of each process, I would like to stress that; human input will be summarizing, defining, and adaptive regarding the needs of the data creators/researchers themselves.

For some time now, human brain is no longer the only place where the researching or creative processes can happen. Though the above remains the starting point and the driving engine to everything exceptional – where emotion is crucial.

After all, is it not more entertaining to develop emotion-generating concepts instead of spending time, for example, trying endless variations of font, images, etc.?

Regardless of the recent block to a series of platforms, there is no doubt that in the near future, AI will increasingly take care of daily routine tasks .

Everything will depend on how humans will control the need for AI. Interaction, senses, experiences and above all, emotions will be the only base of autonomous decisions by the human creator. It is the man that provides its heart and mind to a work in the creative industry.

Time is always telling!

Vatra is a regional leading in design, brand and digital communication agency passionately connecting brands to 55 million consumers in the Balkans for more than 20 years.

Gerton Bejo
Founder CEO of Vatra Agency
Tirana / Pristina / Skopje / Belgrade
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