Tirana Forum for Economic Freedom. A visual identity to discuss the opportunities of the capital


The Foundation for Economic Freedom is a non-profit organization that supports ideas, projects and debates inspired by the idea of economic freedom, as the base on which other freedoms are founded, and as the basic idea on which democratic systems and a society of freedom and human rights are build upon. The mission of the Foundation is to promote select and serve, through specific projects, through grants and various forums, all those individuals, actors or projects whose mission is the expansion and consolidation of economic freedom and legitimacy in the Albanian society, free market reforms and economic freedoms which stand, according to us, on the foundation of development, and are the only formula to achieve prosperity for the Albanian society. Tirana Forum for Economic Freedom is therefore an annual Event that since 2010, the year in which it was organized for the first time, gathers in Tirana to collect innovation and winning ideas from “world best practices”, as well as ideas born in Albania, based on the current and local economic environment. Tirana Forum for Economic Freedom was in need of a Brand Identity different from that of the Foundation. The challenge, that the leaders of this Foundation trusted to Vatra, was precisely the creation of a strong identity, which would be closely related with local elements that would take the visual side of this identity onto a geographic dimension. Vatra immediately chose the identity design element for Tirana Forum for Economic Freedom. The chosen element, Tirana Clock Tower, has indisputably been the element that identifies this city the most. The use of this visual element combines the activity of the Forum with the adoption of innovative ideas and innovations which are designed in the logo through some input and output graphics. This identity contains visually a series of elements which directly emphasize its name. The use of colors that correlate clearly with the colors of the foundation identity, which organizes this Forum, is an emotional and strategic connection between the foundation and the forum. The spreading of Brand ID in all stationary materials was made in line with the rules determined in the identity guidelines set out especially for this Forum.

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