The happymakers, a leitmotif for your holidays


Savatours is a leading tour operator in Albania which offers tours and vacation packages to in-coming as well as out-going clients. After many years of providing tourist services to it’s local clients, who seek to spent their vacations abroad, Savatours has accumulated the necessary experience to become the biggest company in the tourist market selling organized tours and tourist services. Savatours is also the only company in Albania which (that) offers tours and packages assembled in-house. After many years of business in the Albanian and regional market (especially the Albanian speaking localities), the company administration board decided to refresh the identity and its image due to visual wear out of the existing one. The goal was to change the visual concept, by redesigning the logo, but without invading or replacing the values that the company has promoted through many years of hard work. The first logo, which was designed when the company started with the means and vision of that time, had to be changed and modernised in order to be attractive for today’s public, which is bombarded every day with endless promotional messages. The new identity has to be dynamic, attractive, radiant, flexible in usage, and should engage directly the people who come in visual contact with it. Vatra started to work on the assigned project and redesigned a modern logo which will last in time with the support of the simplicity that the logo had in itself.  The power of the new logo consists in the way it is build without neglecting the image that Savatours has build through the years. All the elements of the old logo have been reproduced with perfection and are presented in an attractive way with a modern codification. The use of stronger and enhanced colours makes the new logo eye-catching and memorable, an element which it lacked in the previous version. This new, energetic, and relaxing identity reflects the vision of company in relation with the client and presents a logo that will resist the test of time and accordingly represent a leader in the Albanian market. Moreover, Vatra conducted the implementation of the new identity in all brand products by expanding the new spirit in all promotion elements.

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