Sophie, the newest meeting point for people who likes good taste


Sophie Caffe & Snacks is a new local-friendly, socially conscious coffee and snacks shop in Tirana. They offer freshly prepared coffee, bistro and food twenty-four hours a day, all served in a friendly, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Vatra was appointed and entrusted to name the brand, design the identity accompanying with stationary and all the corporate products, including packaging design. The aim was to create an inviting image, relaxed, where everyone should feel familiar and comfortable. It should be the kind of place their potential customers will embrace; A welcoming place where everything tastes great and the staff are friendly. The first step was to work on naming of the brand. To create a powerful brand, the name should make a sudden impact and be memorable. The name that Vatra proposed for the brand is Sophie. A female name, which is the French and German form of the Greek name Sophia. In Greek the name means “wisdom”. Sophia has been a popular name throughout the western world. The name was used to represent the personification of wisdom. After defining the name of the Brand, Vatra developed the symbol of the identity relating the name meaning with the symbol of wisdom. Throughout many cultures, the symbolic meaning of wisdom is the owl. The owl is sacred symbol of ancient Greek Goddess of learning Athena and, is even depicted on some Greco – Roman currency as a symbol of knowledge, status, intelligence and of course, wealth. The brand-mark is designed using capital letters in retro style typeface. Easy legible and simply applied to the entire image of the brand it creates a vintage impression at the same time fresh and modern while communicating convenience. Enlarged serving suggestions photography is applied to highlight the product’s quality. The catchy slogan of the brand: “remember me”, gives the direct message to the customer to remember Sophie, but at the same time it is related with each customer and the invitation to remember the good times spent with friends or family, making Sophie Caffe & Snacks a place of wonderful good memories.

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