As mobile commerce continues to grow at a rapid pace, there is a great demand for companies to produce high-quality apps. Sigma Interalbanian Vienna Insurance Group – SIVIG focuses on being a mobile-first insurance company in Albania, as it sees the future traffic coming through mobile devices. A frictionless, convenient and mobile appropriate customer experience were key drivers for the new app design made in-house by the SIVIG IT team.


The first work executed for Sigma Interalbanian Vienna Insurance Group since the agency was hired, the Sivig App launch campaign aims to connect with the “modern Albanian Consumer”.

Vatra Agency Project Manager Gerton Bejo, said after winning the account, the agency took several weeks to develop the new product strategy knowing it had to try a new approach to engage with its not e-commerce friendly target audience.


“For these reasons, we knew we had to do something completely different,” he explained.

Vatra Agency Digital Director said the team undertook a rigorous process to ensure it really understood the audience before developing the productive process.


Dorinela Ndrejaj, Head of Marketing at Sigma Interalbanian Vienna Insurance Group, has been leading the revamp of the insurance new experience app: “At SIVIG, we care about every customer touchpoint. We know mobile requires a unique approach when it comes to customer experience. Customers interact with apps in micro-moments and our new app lends itself easily to this.”


She added: “We want our customers to be inspired and discover all that Sigma Interalbanian Vienna Insurance Group has to offer and immerse themselves in the products and facilities that have been created solely for the app. For this, we have hired one of the most reliable agencies to launch our new product. Vatra Tirana has offered us an integrated digital package of services to increase rapidly the downloads of the app and to raise more awareness for the app. This integrated campaign and distinctive brand platform created by Vatra has covered our business needs”

We then developed creatives and executed user acquisition campaigns to attract additional users. Finally, we implemented analytics support to drive further optimization of the app.


About Sigma Interalbanian Vienna Insurance Group


Sigma Interalbanian Vienna Insurance Group is part of Vienna Insurance Group, one of the largest listed international insurance groups in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The Group, headquartered in Vienna, operates around 50 insurance companies in 25 countries and has around 25,000 employees.


The Albanian company Sigma was established in 1998 in Tirana. Besides its operations in Albania, it also operates through a branch office in Kosovo. Moreover, in 2010 VIG acquired Interalbanian and has become the new majority shareholder of Intersig in 2011. The two companies Sigma and Interalbanien were merged to Sigma Interalbanian in 2014.

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