RED, a new brand image that inspires unity

The Regional Economic Development Agency (RED) is a national public agency under the dependency of the Council of Ministers. Vatra Agency’s key focus was to create a highly recognizable logo and brand identity for “RED” in order to express its main mission: United for one purpose.

The Agency aims at enhancing the impact of investments and developing economic activities that promote the potential of the regional economy, through the promotion of public-private partnerships, in the light of creating new jobs and fostering growth of enterprises.

Vatra Agency solution for branding RED was a fresh design without losing the sense of the structure and minimalism. The branding process began with the logo design to the company’s main elements. Complemented by clean typography, it fits well with the main symbol. It is a combination of a hexagon referring to the structure (which seen from an isometric angle, it also resembles a cube).

The hexagon is formed by one incomplete line. RED’s strategic model encourages the creation of partnerships among various public and private actors, as well as coordinates central and local government programs with international donor programs and private sector investments. This model creates raises the interest to “solve” the incomplete which fits well with ‘’Red’’ concept as a developmental mechanism.

Testimonial: “Since the beginning of our cooperation, Vatra Agency showed us the right way to get where we wanted. Our work together was very successful thanks to their professionalism and coherence”, Rezart Sako, – General Director.