work performed

Brand Identity, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Animation & Video Production.

industry type

Media & Entertainment

A “card game” on television

“Xing me Ermalin”, is a TV show broadcasted on TV Klan. It is named after a card game and it is moderated by a very famous TV celebrity, Ermal Mamaqi, a Showman; also well-known for his non-conformist style. On the show, he invites and interviews different celebrities, provoking and creating an entertaining atmosphere with his guests.
Vatra Agency was appointed to create the logo and all the graphic themes of the show and also adapt its concept into a visual representation. Our creative team came up with a controversial and funny idea and chose to use the constructivist art style as the main inspiration for the graphics and the logo of the show. It contains abstract shapes and flat, geometric forms, which are characterized by their regularity. With the graphic solution we aim to resonate the show’s profile: being direct, optimist and funny.

We had the opportunity to work with Vatra Agency for the visual identity of our television show “Xing” and the results are really amazing. Their creativity and efficiency exceeded our expectations. We are very happy with everything they have done and look.

Ermal MamaqiArtistic Producent at "Xing me Ermalin"