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Communication Strategy, Brand Awareness, Digital Strategy, Social Media Management, Content Creating, Animation, OOH, PR, Web Design & Development.

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Retail, Home/Lifestyle

For everyone, why not?

It doesn’t smell like home without VOX

And what is home without the smell of fried onions, Sunday cake, the noise of the washing machine or the vacuum cleaner, even without the steam of a fast iron?  Obviously, it isn’t home. VOX knows this! In the same way as knows that, home is what awakens feelings, commitment and keeps a family together.

The best cooked recipe is ours

The ingredients of our recipe could not be other than the variety, quality and affordable price of VOX appliances. Vatra really loves home, with everything it has to offer, that’s why we cooked a fantastic recipe for VOX. A recipe that exceeded all expectations, touched every home, thanks to its… digital flavor.

We are artists of “plates” and senses

For this result, work has started since 2021. Because a delicious “dish” requires dedication, not only extensive knowledge in cooking. For Vatra, every day is a challenge, every day is a step towards an unforgettable taste. First, we engaged in a market study. Next, we followed up with a well-thought-out marketing and digital strategy. The wide range of VOX appliances and their distinctive features were served on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, thanks to curated calendars and clear content. But our menu was by no means reduced.  We worked hard to awaken every sense, by offering our web design services, by creating and publishing numerous PR articles, original graphic and radio spots, as well as extending our creativity to OOH. VOX now has more customers, undoubtedly more loyal, but above all, who love their home even more.

After all, who wouldn’t be tempted by our art?

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