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Communication Strategy, Brand Awareness, Digital Strategy, Social Media Management, Content Creating, OOH, Animation, PR, Web Design & Development.

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Home & Lifestyle

Vatra and Teka, for a "heart" that beats

While routine takes you away from it, Teka brings you closer

The frenetic pace of everyday life takes you away from the kitchen and everything it offers. But if her heartbeats are loud, there is nothing to separate you from her. TEKA works every day for such a close relationship, where a house can laugh, dream, but above all live unforgettable moments.

Together, we went far

Quality, technology and innovation, these are the distinguishing features of the multinational brand like TEKA. Traits that probably wouldn’t be acquired by a large mass of people if it weren’t for Vatra. Very similar between them – TEKA and Vatra have managed to find themselves among customers and marketing companies in the last years. Since then, the experience has been extremely successful with real conversions and an ever-growing audience. Exactly for the heartbeats that the kitchen equipped with TEKA promises.

Filled with love

Vatra was first engaged in a market study, to follow up with a well-thought-out marketing and communication strategy, made with lots of love. Not only for our client, TEKA, but also for those who wanted to feel the pulse of their kitchen. Our work extended to digital channels such as Facebook and Instagram, with content-curated post calendars, while the focus remained one and only: the wide range of TEKA appliances. It is said that love is characterized by commitment, and if there is one thing that Vatra identifies in her work, it’s precisely that.  We built an elegant website, created and published numerous PR articles, graphic and radio spots, as well as worked for higher visibility in OOH. Results? Simply extraordinary! TEKA already has loyal customers, who are aware of its benefits.