work performed

Communication Strategy, Brand Awareness, Digital Strategy, Content Creating, OOH, PR, Radio & TV Commercial, Events, Social Media Management, SEM

Industry type

Retail, Consumer Goods/Lifestyle

A station where we also arrived at

With safe steps, in the heart of Tirana

Finding everything you want in one place, is definitely a dream come true. Still more when this place has a favorable strategic position. For 6 years, Toptani has tried to meet its customers’ expectations in the heart of Tirana, by promising the psychological delight of finding many items under one roof, the availability of a wide range of selections for a single item, also a ton of dining and entertainment options for people of all ages. But this promise was blindly believed only from August 2022 onwards.

For a two-way experience

Everyone knows that promises are made to be broken. But this is not the case of Toptani. Vatra has made sure that this shopping center exceeds all expectations, presenting it as the only station in the capital worth stopping by. The diversity of requests or needs is of little importance, Toptani is now everyone’s STATION. Because Vatra is also a stationing point for any client who is thirsty for creativity, solutions and results in an ever-changing business landscape.

…and laughing out Loud

There is no sweeter music than pure laughter. Such one is found in every person who constantly turns to Toptani. But the most generous smile is ours, when we see the fruits of labor, as sweet as ever. It has not been an easy process; it has required time and a lot of effort. Starting with rigorous market research, followed by an inspiring marketing and digital strategy.

Innovations and digital proposals have been a true success. Toptani’s strong presence on social media proves this best. However, our expertise knows no bounds. Toptani’s discounts and offers have been communicated in the most original way possible, in every road segment of the capital, in every car and every TV screen. We have spoken with our great content through OOH, we’ve published many PR articles, and we have created quite a few TV and radio spots. On top of that, we have given our touch to Toptani itself, with countless events, both for children and adults. Because we believe in the power of laughter. That’s why we don’t stop working on it.