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Together we stand

If you are leading in several markets with dozens of different products is not a mere coincidence to find yourself confused about your core identity. At some point, your clients must know that you are the one behind a series of successful operations.

We grew to become a group.

Founded in 1996, as a modest shop for trading tiles and sanitary equipment, in less than 15 years DELTA grew to become one of the leading companies in Albania. Nowadays, Delta has international proportions and owns different market-leading companies, with branches all over Europe, like DeltaDastDeutchcolorDelta HomeThermo Swiss, and DC Industries. We at Vatra Agency were appointed to do what we do best: to craft a strong brand that could finally unite all the Delta companies under a common umbrella. Vatra Agency developed the first visual identity of Delta Group.

Something distinctive to keep us tight.

The group logo was designed to resemble its core values by embodying at the same time a strong connection with the company identity. The brandmark is shaped from the name initials “D” and “G” that intertwine in a strong knot that symbolically connects all the group companies and assets. The two letters embrace each other to form a union, a group of companies that stand for each other.

To visually enhance the promotional materials and to design memorable signs, the company’s visual identity was enriched by a series of graphic elements.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with the team at VatraAgency. The service, from start to finish has been efficient, professional and very creative. We choose this team, as they stood out from the other companies in their creative and enthusiastic approach. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a sleek, individual and professional corporate branding.”

Ms. Anila AliajMarketing Manager, Delta Group