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Digital Strategy, Social Media Management, Content Creating, Web Design & Development

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Construction, Retail

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business in bloom…

Driven to uphold sustainable business environment standards, Tirana Business Park offers customized products and services, modern technology, and excellence that alters the market. This ambitious project implemented by Lindner Group of Germany is today the first and only business growth in Albania. Its vision is to guarantee the quality of the corporate environment, increase business growth in Albania, and construct environmentally friendly solutions with high-quality guidelines.

call us crazy, but we love to see you succeeding.

Innovating minds provide a better future! Vatra supports Tirana Business Park’s mission to encourage and impact the present and future of every company. Focused on getting better, Vatra makes sure that everyone has the right information and chooses the best solution regarding quality and innovation at Tirana Business Park. Offering a full range of services in one place, this easily accessible, aesthetically pleasing and highly complex office building helps develop huge network growth for enterprises.

online branding solutions for the real world.

Vatra’s team offered its web design services with helpful content for each user, in order to get online in the best way. You may take advantage of the wide range of services offered by Tirana Business Park thanks to our unique digital strategy on social media, specifically thanks to our clear, concise, and accurate content. It is essential for us to emphasize the amazing advantages that come with situating your company close to this facility. Vatra has established a new bar for interaction with potential customers and hopes to motivate everyone to embark on their own journeys at the Tirana Business Park.

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We are very thankful to Vatra for all the support that it gave us from the first moment of our collaboration. The agency reacted fast and with a positive attitude to all our requests and needs.
The whole team had a very professional and international approach.
It was a pleasure to work with such an experienced company, and we are looking forward to the next project we will do together.
A special thank you goes to the founder and CEO of Vatra, Mr. Gerton, who constantly gave us wise and honest feedback for our projects.

Stephanie Sieg - FarkaGeneral Manager, Tirana Business Park & Lindner Garden Residence
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