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Brand Identity, Logo Design, Naming, Campaign Development, Communication Strategy, TVC, Print Advertising, Radio Commercial, OOH, Retail Design, Graphic Design, Animation & Video Production.

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Food & Beverages

Let’s go back to our clean roots!

Agrotek Farm has been active since 2001 in the sector of animal feed production. In 2012 Agrotek Farm decided to introduce its newest product to the market: fresh Albanian chicken, grown naturally, without using any antibiotics or hormones. The company entrusted Vatra to name and create the brand. What this work required in particular was to design the labeling for the packaging of the product according to the client’s demands. The brand had to present the values of the company and its product: naturally grown, freshly served poultry appealing to every potential customer.
Based on careful research, and after a different proposed names and long enthusiastic discussions, the new product was named TikTik. This is the word people use in Albanian to call chickens. It is a sweet familiar sound with a catchy tune to its pronunciation, pleasant and easy to remember. TikTik was designed alongside the symbol of a chicken enclosed by graphics that represent nature, like the circle shape that represents the sun. The typeface was particularly chosen and edited to resemble the shape of poultry. The TikTik label is present in all product packaging designed clearly and neatly while being consumer-friendly and including all the necessary information useful to the customers. TikTik is the first Albanian brand that includes the label of proper food nutrition values. Moreover, Vatra publicized the identity through a full advertising campaign, including indoor-outdoor advertisements and TVC.

Having been in the market for more than ten years, and in addition to our knowledge regarding the customer and market needs, we at Agrotek ltd decided to enter the market by building a chicken farm. Vatra was selected among other companies because they offered great creative ideas in naming, design, and advertising. I would say that they create beauty, with contemporary standards. Designed with taste, and served with professionalism, we believe this is just too little to say in appreciation of Vatra. Our experience with Vatra is an experience that makes us glad to recommend them to anyone in search of a professional team with excellent customer care.

Mrs. Meli BejkoAdministrator at Agrotek Albania ltd.