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The truth seekers

A reality check from the EU ✓

Searching for the truth is a continuous, but not easy mission. Oftentimes, lies are served to us as truths and under repeated waves, you find yourself completely convinced of what feeds your mind. The European Delegation in Albania undertook its latest initiative to combat this product of disinformation: the distorted reality. An initiative that joined the previous ones, although it was significantly different for its originality.

If you’re in, Vatra is definitely in

If there’s something that inspires us, it is the truth. Our truth is that Vatra is on the same wavelength with the Delegation of the European Union. Disinformation is not a phenomenon that belongs to these days, however, the current panorama is complex, with an increasing number of affected ones, thanks to the undeniable influence of social media. Everyone knows that fake news can destroy trust, damage a culture of learning, and dampen curiosity. But Vatra loves these qualities too much to remain indifferent.

“Seek, and ye shall find”

Thus, a challenging journey began, in search of the truth. We visualized and undertook every step that characterizes a 360-degree campaign. We first created a well-thought-out communication strategy, which was quickly followed by the conception and implementation of a unique installation in the center of the capital. A 10m long tunnel, aesthetically dressed with provocative and at first glance misleading headlines, marked the journey of our 3-month campaign. We produced dedicated promotional tools, offered our web design and web development services. Every pedestrian who passed through the tunnel was directed to via a QR Code placed on it. This site was updated with current affair contents, for different kinds of visitors. Tracks of the same content were released in Tirana, Durrës and Elbasan in OOH format. There was a curated calendars of posts on the EU Delegation’s official accounts, as well as numerous PR articles, and animation and video production. We worked hard to awaken the critical and reflective attitude, also by launching a special series of podcasts with media professionals as well as with well-known figures from the academic fields and social sciences.

Because after all, we are the truth seekers.

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