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Research / Analysis, Communication Strategy, Digital Strategy, Campaign Development, Graphic Design, TVC, Print Advertising, OOH, Social Media Management, Content Management, Social Media Advertising, Animation & Video Production, Digital Marketing, PPC & SEM, SEO & Blogging.

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Financial Services

Sure, we can do it!

Credins Bank was established for the first time in Albania in March 2003, as an investment by an Albanian businessman and became the first private bank with a 100% Albanian capital. Credins Bank is ranked as the third largest bank in the country by real estate and financial assets. The bank contracted Vatra to fully renew the communication spirit and the client’s approach to the bank’s services and products. The research phase which was conducted before the creation of the concept focused the creators at Vatra on the importance of the audience in communication. A more modern and youthful communication spirit and a more cooperative approach towards the client were created.

The “of course, it can be done” slogan was created to transmit to the client the bank’s new position which was focused on finding solutions for the client’s every request and need. The launch of the new concept was carried out through an integrated media campaign, which cleverly connected the traditional media with the digital one, and also through the approach of service operators with clients in the branch.

Credins Bank Project Img 1 - Vatra Agency / Founder & CEO Gerton Bejo
Credins Bank, Social, Project Img 1 - Vatra Agency / Founder & CEO Gerton Bejo

"Sigurisht behet" and “Lidhu” brought new messages to our customers by building a very good cooperation. Thank you for the correctness and professionalism demonstrated by the staff.

Ms. Valbona GuriCMO, Credins Bank