work performed

Brand Identity, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Animation & Video Production.

industry type

Retail, Home / Lifestyle

Source of light and energy for 25 years

Albaelettrica specializes in the wholesale and retail of civil and industrial electrical equipment, lightning and electrical systems design and installation. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its foundation, the company asked Vatra to design a remarkable brand identity which would communicate the successful journey of the company during all these years. Through some team work, we were able to codify the working process creating a new message for an audience that is engaged by a modern-classic concept. We worked fast, collaborating as one team rather than as agency and client. Visually, we designed a system around the ‘lines’ used to represent the services offered by the company. The identity was based on silver for this color is mostly associated with 25th anniversaries. We used animated line drawings as both illustration and functional tools. Our mark and pattern palette hypnotically draw people into our world, while our line language takes them on a journey through what this anniversary means for us.

When we first came up with the idea of a more contemporary image for our company, we were looking for a creative firm that not only met our standards but also matched us in professionalism, dedication, and prestige. Vatra studied our field of operation, took our ideas and vision and in a combined effort with our team, managed to turn them into what we believe to be an image for the future. We are looking forward to furthering cooperation in the future.

Mr. Neritan DojakaAdministrator at Albaelettrica