work required

Social Media Management, Content management, Photo shooting, Content Creating and Web Design

industry type

Food & Beverage

a traditional wonder placed in a digital table

Specialized in producing salami, sausages, ham, and other high-quality meat products, Sofra uses only 100% fresh local meat. A rare selection of traditional Mediterranean recipes, mainly Albanian and from Ioannina (Greece).

time to eat together

Sofra in Albanian means a table set for eating a meal. For years, this traditional wonder has been accessible to many families in the region. The brand needed to be present at a larger table, to be enjoyed in a wider context. We at VATRA Agency supported Sofra with a set of digital and social media strategies aiming to increase the reach of the brand and its products. Our team, experienced in digital marketing, managed the brand’s social media platforms (on Facebook and Instagram) and developed the company website. In all these channels the products are displayed more tastefully than ever. The consumers can now interact with the brand by discovering its stories, the genuine ingredients, and what makes its products so mouthwatering.

the recipe

Our creatives opted for a warm and colorful visual approach that constantly seizes new appealing occasions. The product is placed in a rich universe, filled with adventures, warm family moments, and tasty dishes to be shared. Our recipe is a mixture of creativity, storytelling, and strategic thinking. Meanwhile, the consumers’ reaction is positioning Sofra as a relevant brand in his category.

Now, we can match our product quality standard with a professional communication strategy. I firmly believe that working with Vatra provided us a whole new set of tools to have a more effective presence in the market. I’m more than satisfied with the outcome and with the great relationship with the agency.

Piro Karanxha | Co-founder, Sofra