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Brand Identity, Logo Design, Slogan, Product Design, Product Branding, Packaging, Launch Campaign, Print Advertising, Video.

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Food & Beverage, Retail

with all its beauty, with all its values

The legacy of the water that gave life to an entire region and made a small city grow into a metropolis for several years was lost. It was a long and beautiful journey to bring it back.

Selita Water is back.

Three years ago, Blu-Imperial and Kastrati Group decided to bring back Selita Water from its well-known fountain in Qafë Mollë village at the Dajti Mountain. An ancient, fresh, and mineral-enriched water, sourcing from a wild spring, 1000 m above sea level. The client needed to restore the brand image, damaged by unauthorized sellers who used to deliver water from the same fountain in the suburbs of Tirana and in poor conditions.

VATRA took it as a noble task, to build the new brand identity of a legendary water. Thanks to our expertise in packaging and industrial design, we crafted a whole line of Selita bottles which took inspiration from the traditional costumes of women living in Tirana Highlands. To honor the brand legacy, its logo and the pattern of the label is designed to resemble the composition of the dress worn by the girls who were in charge to collect the water in the fountain.

In full force, with all its beauty, with all its values.

The long journey to bring back Selita Water and its unique mineral values was marked with a dedicated slogan: All values of nature. The launching campaign of the new brand was developed 360°, with a TVC, OOH, radio, and a digital marketing campaign on Google and social networks.

It took us three long years to make it to the market! Honestly, If I had the chance to get back in time, I would not change a single thing. The guys are friendly, creative, and at the same time very professional. I felt very comfortable and part of every process. This is priceless. VATRA gifted us with a unique brand identity, which matched our legacy and had a superb response! Full respect!

Julian BeqiriMarketing and Sales Director, Selita Water