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A life seen through the eyes of a child is magical and extraordinary. This expression is attributed to the curiosity and adventurous spirit that children carry. “Save the Children” is strongly committed that in Albania, both in urban and rural areas, these features should be embraced by them. That’s why it inspires and promotes inherent results against the way society treats them. We’re talking about a continuous work, for 24 years in a row, that has a clear vision: every child in the world must have the rights to survival, development, protection, and participation.

making kindness the norm

Vatra was entrusted with the promotion of any initiative, activity, cooperation, as well as the promotion of drafting and providing quality alternative care services for children and families in need. At a time when social media is evolving at a dizzying and unpredictable pace and when multiple types of media are increasingly empowered as bridges to the wider audience, Vatra took it upon itself to manage “Save the Children” Instagram account – in a way that not only serves as an entertainment and networking platform, but also to communicate inherent messages from non-governmental organizations. For all those minors who are often excluded due to poverty, gender or ethnic background.

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We conceived and developed a well-thought-out strategy; we fed it with original and effective content, perfectly intelligible by the audience, as well as with curated calendars. Our refined language, impactful and to the point, with conviction and confidence, helped us generate a strong emotional connection with our target groups. We also offered campaign tracking and optimization, to be clear, honest and open with our client.
We cannot deny it: our will of steel and love for the little ones in need were what really pushed us to raise awareness among the audience and strengthen the relations of this contributing organization with key government ministries, NGO-s, as well as international and local agencies. Addressing protective politics and educational initiatives to the relevant authorities, can be certainly called a notable achievement.

Vatra Agency provided its assistance to Save the Children in Albania for the development of social media content creation and management aiming to increase branding and public awareness on children rights related issues, visibility and effectiveness of the program work in line with organization social media policy and global branding guidelines.
The service involves social media content development, metrics and analytics for Save the Children in Albania accounts (Facebook, lnstagram, Twitter, YouTube).
The service was completed with professionalism and dedication and is very appreciated. lt contributed to increase content creativity, profile visibility, number of followers and engagement.

Anila MecoExecutive Director, Save te Children in Albania
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