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Rediscovering postal services with a new customer focused approach

The Albanian Post (Posta Shqiptare) is a customer-oriented, public service company with a nationwide network that reaches even the remotest rural areas. APS offers a wide range of financial services with competitive prices for individuals, businesses, and institutions.
The Albanian Post needed an image and communication update towards customers, which was the main request of the company’s management, especially in the context of formalizing the new service package and improving the payment and postal system. It was very important for the company executives to pass on to the general public the message that a series of financial, utility and postal services is being offered in every office of the Albanian Post, that could turn these points into a “One Stop Shop” where you can get fast and safe service in every corner of the country. Creating a pay-off “Fast. Safe. Everywhere.” which will accompany any communication of the company in various media is at the foundation of the new philosophy of the Albanian Post. We created a new visual spirit, personalized symbols for each service, along with a new graphic design language. A wide informative and promotional campaign for the brand was presented in the social networks through the activation of official pages and a profile, creating a strong presence and maintaining continuous contact with customers. We selected a much-loved character as testimonial of the campaign. To aid all these changes a big media campaign was set in motion, together with PR services that were coordinated with the strategy throughout the entire campaign.

Posta Shqiptare Project Img 18 - Vatra Agency / Founder & CEO Gerton Bejo
Posta Shqiptare Project Img 17 - Vatra Agency / Founder & CEO Gerton Bejo
Posta Shqiptare Project Img 16 - Vatra Agency / Founder & CEO Gerton Bejo

We had the great pleasure of working with Vatra for the creation of our advertising campaign. During this project, the agency showed a high scale of expertise in advertising, including post-production and media strategy and purchasing. They have a very experienced and creative staff that put all of its efforts into the project, not only by proposing highly creative communication ideas but also by delivering on time. This was one of our company’s most effective and successful campaigns and I would strongly recommend Vatra to any business that wants a high-quality service in marketing communications.

Ms. Arlinda DegaCMO, Albanian Postal Service