work performed

Digital Strategy, Campaign Concept, Social Media Management, Content Creating, OOH, Animated Video

Industry type

Financial Services

Be cool with Pago!

Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to making a significant contribution to the banking industry through personalized services and strategies that have aided numerous banks in growth, attracting new clients, and simultaneously fostering loyalty among existing ones. Recently, our client portfolio welcomed Pago, a digital financial services platform that has greatly simplified the daily lives of its customers.

Mastercard, the global giant in online payments, has turned to Pago, leveraging its distinctive products and facilities to position itself more effectively and lead the way in electronic payments in Albania and beyond.

Together, they approached the Vatra team. They wanted to communicate to the category of individuals the opportunity to obtain a Mastercard debit card, as well as the convenience that this card offers to address and solve needs such as payments, transfers, deposits, and real-time expense notifications.

Starting with an eye-catching visual design, the work was based on the harmony of Pago’s unique hues and graphic components from the Mastercard emblem. This concept was accompanied by the slogan “Be cool”, which effectively served as a call primarily directed at the youth, urging them to stay in tune with the digital transformation trends in the financial services industry. As a result, Pago became more well-known, making it possible for people to identify it as a “digital bank” and to build a strong relationship with its audience.

Over three months, we ensured that our creative work was effectively communicated through Outdoor and Social media channels. It was an intensive and successful campaign, thanks to which Pago now boasts a growing number of new clients.

Communicating effortlessly is a rarity these days, but our partnership with Vatra proved to be extraordinary. A sincere “thank you” to the entire team for their professionalism and dedication. They’ve nurtured a friendly relationship.

Eno KotmiloAdministrator