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Communication Products,Corporate Video

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Oil & Energy, Government & Institution

The importance of delivering something vital

The power system in Albania it’s being run by one of the most modern organizations in the country, the Transmission System Operator, commonly known as OST. The company it’s considered of vital importance because its professionals are in charge of transmitting the electricity generated by Power Plants to the national substations and in a wider regional market.

In the Albanian reality, a company like OST has a high level of public exposure, since the power industry is a national/commercial priority. In this context, thanks to our expertise, we took care of the brand identity and the public image of OST, as the official communication specialists.

The humans behind

In three years, we had the chance to not only implement the brand identity (logo and other elements) of the company. We went beyond, by shaping their communication materials with memorable and meaningful design solutions. Every communication tool, from the simple notebooks to the special event invitations, was crafted by our team to highlight the company’s importance, vision, and achievements.

Video was also a focal part of our work. We produced a TVC where the efforts of OST and its influence can be measured by the humans (the professionals) that are making things possible. A human approach in its full bloom, as a metaphor of a more complex power industry.      

Our collaboration with Vatra lasted three years. The benefits of that decision still resonate nowadays. OST has a good penetration in the Albanian public opinion, and the company it’s well-positioned. I believe that a large part of the merit goes to the agency. We wanted a tangible outcome, so we chose a serious agency.

Ms. Miranda LilaHead of Administration Department, OST.