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Digital Strategy, Social Media Management, Content Creation, Copywriting, Video Animation, Influencer Marketing, SEO & SEM

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We’ve had a good laugh together

standing out among others

Driven by enthusiasm and perfectionism while standing out from the competition by its dedication to healthy smiles. This is the Ortholux Invisalign Clinic, which represents and confidently applies the elite system of orthodontic treatments, the Invisalign brand itself.

meeting the standards

Straightening teeth requires skill and professionalism and no one could speak for this better than Ortholux Invisalign Clinic. The same criteria also applies to the extension of a digital marketing strategy. For this, the competence belongs to us.

make ‘em laugh

Vatra and Ortholux Invisalign come together at a point, contributing for some sincere laughter’s and a punch of positive emotions. It matters little whether these laughs come from a patient or a demanding client. Everyone deserves to know the power of a smile.

we experienced a beautiful smile

Our team was committed to make Ortholux Invisalign Clinic known to a wide range of people, mainly on social media. We produced and curated well-thought-out and original content, as we refreshed Ortholux’ Instagram by creating new highlight icons. We also redesigned the website, so that the clinic could be as transparent as possible about its treatment in front of existing and potential patients, while maintaining a serious profile. We also involved influencer marketing as part of the brand’s digital campaign, to promote it as a specialized clinic and increase brand exposure, to reach target groups, but also to hit KPIs.

Smiles can surely build solid relationships. Together we have been laughing quite a lot. For nothing else but every fine result.

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