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Brand Identity, Logo Design, Graphic Design

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Believing in science

Noval Laboratories is a modern and professional laboratory that performs specific quality tests in the field of pharmaceuticals, environment, and food safety in Albania. Also, the laboratory conducts in-depth studies and researches.

Vatra Agency worked on the visual representation of the vision of Noval Laboratories; the vision of security, accuracy, professionalism and reliability. The work of Noval Laboratories provides results because it is based on science. The creation of the visual identity of this laboratory was an interesting process for the creative staff at Vatra. After studying the tools and methods used, the symbol we chose for the logo was the petri dish, representing the work in the laboratory.  It is meticulously thought out in detail expressing the variety of elements used in tests. Even though we used several colors for the logo, it conveys a clean and accurate image.

The logo fits in well both visually and conceptually with all the other elements of the identity package designed by Vatra Agency.

We hired Vatra as part of a full branding project and highly recommend it. It has been an integral part of the process, through which our team was able to develop a mutual understanding of where we are looking to position the brand. The result was a clearly defined brand concept that fits the vision, mission, and structure of our business. Working with you guys is one of the best decisions we have ever made as a firm and we are looking forward to carrying on our relationship in the future.

Mrs. Anila DuroGeneral Director at Noval