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Brand Identity, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Packaging, Print Advertising.

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Better healthcare for all

Noval is a pharmaceutical company established in Albania that develops, produces, and markets generic drugs. Noval provides healthcare solutions to patients and their success is built on a solid foundation: their commitment to serve with responsibility and accountability, so they can become a trustworthy partner for the people’s wellbeing.

Vatra was approached to create a distinctive and explicit brand identity and packaging design for Noval.

The research for the main symbol of the identity was the starting point of this complex process. We wanted to associate the symbol of the identity with an element from nature and history, for example an ancient medicinal herb treatment. Vatra presented a final suggestion for the logo mark, the blossom of Gentiana Lutea. The flower is said to have been recognized for the effectiveness of the root of the Yellow Gentian, while Lutea (from Latin “luteus”) refers to the yellow color of the blossom. The yellow symbol and easy spelling Noval are designed with a clean and modern tendency using lowercase typeface balancing graphically the elements, not in a central position but making the “v” letter the visual support for the symbol. After defining the brand identity and stationery rules, the next step was to design and develop the packaging. The safe use of all medicines depends on users reading the labeling and packaging carefully and accurately. We delivered a full identity package that reflects the needs and expectations of the client.

We hired Vatra as part of a full branding project and highly recommend it. It has been an integral part of the process, through which our team was able to develop a mutual understanding of where we are looking to position the brand. The result was a clearly defined brand concept that fits the vision, mission, and structure of our business. Working with you guys is one of the best decisions we have ever made as a firm and we are looking forward to carrying on our relationship in the future.

Mrs. Anila DuroGeneral Director at Noval