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Brand Identity, Graphic Design.

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ManeTCI, value and quality

The successful company in the field of construction industry and real estate in Albania and the region, ManeTCI, entrusted Vatra Agency to improve its visual image.

ManeTCI is a consolidated and serious brand which was established a few years back. As time went by the need to improve the graphical representation of the logo and other elements of the visual identity arose. This creative project is one of Vatra’s most masterly works. The project was special and challenging because we had to preserve the brand’s originality, adding some finishing touches in graphics to make it more precise, clean and elegant.

All the graphic elements of the brand were improved and new extra elements were added to the visual package. We modernized it without compromising the identity. The project was followed by an outdoor campaign of ManeTCI, which was designed and finalized by Vatra.

Branding is one of the most valuable corporate assets. We hired Vatra to develop and renew our global brand. Creativity – agility – and great common sense are the hallmarks of their success. We feel that our company continue to benefit from an excellent design service and we are very pleased with the outcome works.

Ms. Igla GjokaMarketing Manager, Mane TCI